Data Logging


Data Collection, Traceability and SCADA Systems

Today’s manufacturing demands traceability. CBO has designed and built dozens of part traceability systems that incorporate complete part birth history.

Whether it is a simple one dimensional barcode label, a laser etched 2D data-matrix code, or a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag based system, CBO Systems has the experience to deliver a reliable traceability solution in virtually any industry.

Data collection is not new, yet there are many competing approaches to ensuring that your data is acquired and stored reliably. After 25 years of troubleshooting competitive systems, and developing our own, CBO Systems has a solid system based on standard off the shelf software, with built in data redundancy


Productivity Monitoring


Productivity is ultimately one of the most important measures of any business’s ability to succeed in marketplace. CBO Systems has a very unique approach to monitoring production efficiency. Unlike competitive systems on the market CBO leverages the standard Microsoft software and reporting systems that are already industry standards, and harness them to deliver real time and historical data to allow business to focus its resources where they will achieve the greatest impact.

Other vendors offer packages, and some offer integration, but the telling part of the solution is the integration with your manufacturing equipment and plant infrastructure. CBO delivers a complete solution and follows up with training to ensure that your operations make our productivity monitoring an ingrained part of the culture.

OEE is just the tip of the iceberg; to improve your production efficiency you need to correlate the data from all phases of the production process to truly understand where the critical inefficiencies lie. Let CBO manufacturing intelligence solutions show you how to release the true potential of your capital and resources, while leveraging the hardware and software you already own.